RF System-in-Package

RFS1140 RF System-in-Package RFSiP
The RF System-in-Package (RFSiP) combines powerful, multi function processing with industry leading analog to digital and digital to analog (ADC/DAC) capability. This advanced RF processor is delivered in a SWaP-C optimised Ball Grid Array (BGA) package.

• Advanced commercial semiconductor technology

• AMD Versal® Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) FPGA VC1902

• Jariet high-speed data converters and integrated power and memory

• Compact size measuring 50 mm by 50 mm

• Defence-grade package and chip-level security integration

RFS1140 Features:

The RFS1140 device offers the most advanced processing capability for applications where ultra-low data latency is critical for success. It provides direct digitization of RF signals up to 32 GHz, with 4 channels each of ADC and DAC data conversion operating at 64 GSPS per channel.

• Direct digitization of RF signals up to 32 GHz

• 4 channels each of ADC & DAC with conversion rates from 40 to 64 GSPS

• Broad instantaneous bandwidth > 4 GHz

• Operating temperature range -40 C to +85 C

• Max power 145 W, Typical 125 W

rfs1140 rfsip