ApisSys 3U VPX Digital Data Conversion

Virtex-7 FPGA

apissys 3u vpx digital module
ApisSys specialise in developing high performance 3U VPX FPGA processing solutions for high speed data conversion, designed for high end data acquisition and signal processing applications. ApisSys combine the latest leading edge technologies to deliver best in class capabilities for typical applications including Defence (Electronic Warfare systems, Wide band Radar), High Energy Physics, Medical Imaging (Digital X-Ray image enhancement).

3U VPX (Virtex-7)

Product Name

Product Name: AV109


Triple QSFP+ interfaces
  • with Xilinx Virtex┬« 7 VX415T/VX690T

Product Name: AV112


Single QSFP+ interface
  • with Xilinx Virtex┬« 7 VX690T/VX980T