Fast Direct RF Wideband Data Capture

3U VPX, 4Rx/4Tx, 51.2 GSPS Direct RF module with Intel® Stratix® 10 AX-Series SoC FPGA
An advanced Direct RF Processing Module which leverages Intel’s new Stratix® 10 AX SoC field programmable gate array (FPGA). It enables direct digitisation and processing of wideband RF Signals with 4 Rx and 4 Tx channels operating at 51.2GSPS per channel, Ku band frequency coverage from 2-18 GHz and six 100 GigE interfaces with an aggregate throughput of 75 GB/sec.
The DRF3182’s advanced capability removes the need to implement RF to IF down conversion prior to digitization and offers the most advanced processing capability for applications where ultra-low data latency is critical for directly digitizing RF signals in Radar, Communications, Digital Beamforming, Electronic warfare systems and High performance test and measurement applications.

drf3182 block diagram

DRF3182 Features:

• Four 10-bit ADC channels and four 10-bit DAC channels at 51.2 GSPS

• Intel Stratix® 10 AX-Series SOC FPGA

• Ku band range from 2 – 18 GHz range

• Six 100 GigE data plane interfaces for an aggregate throughput rate of 75 GB/sec

• 3U OpenVPX form factor

• Customisable for other combinations of ADC/DAC channel counts – contact us for details