RF Up/Downconverter Transceiver

3u openvpx transceiver up down converter
Mercury’s SpectrumSeries OpenRFM transceivers, processing and A/D conversion building blocks are designed for simple integration into low-risk, turnkey, real-time signal processing subsystems. These subsystems allow rapid implementation of complete receiver/analysis solutions for communication and electronic intelligence applications.

RFM3101 Wideband Microwave Transceiver:

The SpectrumSeries™ RFM3101 is an open-architecture, microwave transceiver optimized for demanding electronic warfare (EW) applications. The transceiver offers high-performance operation from 6 – 18 GHz with low phase noise and an internal local oscillator (LO). To support rapid system integration, the RFM3101 is compliant to the OpenVPX (VITA 65) open architecture standard. This modular and open architecture defines the mechanical and electrical interfaces, thereby simplifying product installation and enabling low-cost system upgrades.

• Rugged, compact and full open systems compliance

• Wideband - Excellent phase noise - High dynamic range

• Built-in LO generation - System lockable via external reference inputs

• External LOs capability for EW versatility

RFM3101 Wideband Transceiver Datasheet.

Pentek Downconverters:

Pentek Bandit down converter

The Bandit™ family of analog receivers provide a series of high-performance, stand-alone RF downconverter modules. These products offer a low noise figure, programmable gain and a high dynamic range and ensure there are no gaps in the RF spectrum coverage. The Bandit series are an ideal solution for amplifying and downconverting antenna signals for communications, radar and signal intelligence systems.

Product Name
Input Frequency Range

Product Name: Model 8111

Model 8111


Modular Analog RF Slot Downconverter Series

Input Frequency Range

  • Option 001> 800 - 1200MHz
  • Option 002> 1100 - 1500MHz
  • Option 003> 1400 - 1800MHz
  • Option 004> 1700 - 2100MHz
  • Option 005> 2000 - 2400MHz
  • Option 006> 2300 - 2700MHz
  • Option 007> 2600 - 3000MHz

Product Name: Model 7820

Model 7820


2 Channel Analog RF Wideband Downconverter

Available in PCIe, 3U VPX, cPCI, AMC, XMC form factors

Input Frequency Range

  • Accepts RF signals from 400 MHz to 4000 MHz
  • Accepts RF input levels from -60 dBm to -20 dBm
  • Baseband IF output with up to 390 MHz bandwidth
  • Internal OCXO or external 10 MHz frequency reference