3U VPX Chassis Vita 46-Vita 65 Lab Development Chassis

cots lab development 3u vpx chassis
COTS desktop and openframe lab chassis for development, test and commercial application deployments.

All chassis include power supply, fan cooling and backplane with support for Rear Transition Modules (RTM) with access to all VPX P2 signals.
Product Name

Product Name: AC103


3U VPX desktop chassis with a 3 slot, 1" slot pitch, OpenVPX BKP3-CEN03-15.2.9-3 backplane.
3 slot 3U VPX desktop chassis

Product Name: AC104


3U VPX 19 inch rack mount chassis up to 12 slots, OpenVPX backplane and 1200W power supply.
12 slot 3U VPX desktop chassis

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