Rugged ATR Chassis & Custom Backplane Solutions

custom atr chassis and backplanes

thermal simulation

Rugged ATR (Air Transport Rack) enclosures fitted with integral power supply, cooling assembly (and heating when required), backplane and front panel connectors/indicators. Can be provided in a range of ATR sizes.

  • Air cooled, conduction cooled and liquid cooled options
  • Backplanes options - cPCI, PCI, VME64x, VME/VME64, VPX and custom.
  • To suit 3U & 6U card sizes.
  • Different slot counts dependant on slot pitch (0.8" &' 1.0")
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
  • AC and DC power input variants available.
  • System designed with enhanced EMI/EMC specification.
  • Manufactured in the UK, these units are not subject to ITAR restrictions.

Design Services available, including:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Mil specification Backplane Design.
  • Enclosure & Mechanical Design (Mil spec compliant EMC solutions. Def Stan 59-41 Mil spec 461F).
  • Environmental Design Expertise including Thermal Design & Simulation.
  • Typical Mil Specs - Mil-STD 810G, Mil-STD 461E, DEF STD 00-35, DEF STD 59-41, RTCA DO-160, BS3G100

Example 1/2 ATR Chassis Specification

Slot Pitch / # Slots
0.8" / 8 slots

Operating temperature
-55°C to +70°C

Power Inputs
28V DC / 115V AC

Power (internal)
+5V @ 30A, 3V3 @19A,+12V@6A, -12V@2A

Approx 6Kg

Physical Size
124.71mm x 320.5mm x 193.5mm

IP Rating
IP68, 1M Immersion

0.1g² /Hz 15 to 2,000 Hz
(RMS~ 12g)

20g 11mS



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